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Stump Removal

Do you have an unsightly stump that is an annoying nuisance and always in the way?  If this is the case let Barr Tree Care remove it for you.  Whether you have a small stump or a large stump we can remove it completely.  We grind out your stump mechanically using our professional stump removal machines and clean up the site so that the shavings are level to grade.  Barr Tree Care does not leave you with a pile of stump shavings to clean up after we leave the site.  A little top soil and grass seed is all you will need, which we can do for you upon request.

We have the specialized equipment to tackle stumps in a variety of sizes and locations.  Our smaller, low impact, stump grinder is suitable for smaller stump removal projects or stumps in a fenced in yard area.  Our smaller machine can access any fenced in yard with a gate opening of thirty six inches wide and can remove a stump twelve inches deep.  Our larger machine is a tow behind unit that can handle the largest stumps in no time at all.  This machine moves four feet wide and two feet deep making short work of large stumps.

When a stump is completely removed by Barr Tree Care you will be able to plant a new tree in the exact same spot if needed.  If this is your plan, just let us know and we will remove all of the stump debris leaving you a planting hole or ask us and we can plant a locally grown, hand selected tree for you.