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Tree Care Services


Trees are the most valuable part of our landscapes, so taking proper care of them is of the utmost importance. Our highly trained and experienced staff can assist you with all of your tree care needs. Because trees are living things, there are a host of factors that need to be considered before deciding on a course of action. When you call Barr Tree Care, you can expect a knowledgeable and professional I.S.A.Certified Arborist to inspect your property and assist you in making an informed and educated decision on the best strategy for caring for your unique landscape.

Whether your trees need pruning, bracing or removal from the landscape, you can count on Barr Tree Care to take care of your property with the highest quality of workmanship and standards. When you trust us to care for your property our professional climbers, bucket truck operators and skilled ground personnel will arrive on site to complete the job in a professional, safe and efficient manner. Special attention will be given to protect surrounding plants and structures and our clean-up will surpass your expectations!

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