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Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care is a proactive approach to maintaining our landscapes through cultural management and integrated treatments. Our highly trained and experienced staff can assist you in caring for your trees and shrubs. The purpose of a Plant Health Care (PHC) program is to maintain optimal tree and shrub health by identifying, treating and preventing possible risk factors. Plant Health Care is an ongoing commitment to preserve the vitality and protect the safety, health and appearance of a landscape.
Our trees and shrubs are constantly exposed to environmental issues and insects and diseases that compromise their ability to thrive. In addition, there are a variety of everyday pressures that can lead to health decline in our valued trees such as non-native planting location, construction, grade change, soil compaction, mechanical injury, over/under-watering, road salt and air pollution. When you call Barr Tree Care, you can expect a Licensed Pesticide Applicator to thoroughly inspect, properly diagnose and effectively treat your trees and shrubs.
Whether your trees have fallen victim to insects or disease, need additional nutrients or fertilization, you can count on Barr Tree Care to take care of your property with the highest quality of workmanship and standards. When you rely on us to care for your property you can be assured we will use the latest application technology and scientifically formulated and research-backed products. We use the best products available to get the best results possible. Our knowledge and expertise speaks for itself!
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