Tree & Shrub Disease Management

Tree & Shrub Disease Management

Proactively managing plant disease is a vital part of maintaining a healthy landscape. Disease pathogens often lurk below the surface, waiting until weather conditions are just right to surface. Plant disease may appear on your tree and shrub leaves, twigs/branches, trunks and/or roots. Without a barrier of protection your plants can develop:

  • Leaf Spotting
  • Leaf Curling
  • Foliar Discoloration
  • Premature Leaf Drop
  • Canker
  • Death

While there are many different types of diseases, most are treatable through proper management. The course of action taken to correct a disease issue is determined by plant species and timing of the season. Because every situation is different, it is extremely important to have the problem correctly diagnosed and treated by an ISA Certified Arborist. Some common plants in our landscapes with disease issues are:

  • Crab Apple Trees (Apple Scab)
  • Spruce Trees (Rhizospaera Needle Cast)
  • Pine Trees (Diplodia Tip Blight and Dothistroma Needle Cast)

Providing a pro-active approach is the best way to manage disease issues within your landscape. If you are suspect your trees and shrubs have fallen victim to a disease problem, call us today to request a free inspection!

Why Choose Barr?
Experienced ISA Certified Arborist and properly licensed Pesticide Applicator will inspect, monitor and treat your property, every visit, no exceptions! The same expert that recommends and designs your program will also be on site to treat and continually monitor your property.

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