Absolutely! Apple scab can be easily controlled through proper spraying of fungicides at the proper time of the year. Timing is crucial for control of Apple Scab. Applications are completed April-June and performed by a licensed pesticide applicator. (3) sprays throughout the early growing season are necessary for season-long control. Sprays are timed to ensure protection of each stage of spring growth.

image2Apple Scab affects different species of fruit trees. Trees susceptible to Apple Scab will leaf out in the springtime and once the fungus begins to attack the tree, leaves will turn yellow and brown and begin to fall off. By mid-summer, there are more trees on the ground than attached to the tree. Scab is caused by a fungus known as Venturia Inaequalis and is most severe during the spring and early summer months, when weather is cool and wet. Once the fungus has infected the tree, control for that season is not possible. An infection of Apple Scab causes leaf curling, leaf blotches and then pre-mature defoliation.

Apple Scab can be controlled, efficiently and economically. But, timing is everything!