Tree pruning & Trimming

Tree pruning is the most fundamental part of tree care and is necessary to maintain optimal health for your valuable trees. As a general rule, tree pruning is necessary every 3-5 years; but can vary depending on tree species, health and location. Trees are pruned to clean, thin, raise, and/or reduce. At Barr Tree Care, our goal is to leave your trees looking natural. We achieve this by only removing wood which is necessary such as deadwood, broken and rubbing branches, and branches which may be too low or encroaching to structures.

Tree Removal

Barr Tree Care believes that tree removal should be a last resort; however it is needed in certain situations. Whatever the size or location of the tree to be removed our professional crews can get the job done. When we remove a tree we take extreme care in protecting all surrounding property. With the use of rigging equipment such as ropes and pulleys we can safely lower down large limbs and sections of tree safely and efficiently, without any damage. When you hire us to remove a tree you can have peace of mind that your property will look as if we were never even there.

Stump Removal

Do you have an unsightly stump that is an annoying nuisance and always in the way? If this is the case let Barr Tree Care remove it for you. Whether you have a small stump or a large stump we can remove it completely. We grind out your stump mechanically using our professional stump removal machines and clean up the site so that the shavings are level to grade. Barr Tree Care does not leave you with a pile of stump shavings to clean up after we leave the site. A little top soil and grass seed is all you will need, which we can do for you upon request.